This unique challenge incorporates the latest technology in kiteboarding to achieve higher speed : FOILBOARDING

A kitesurfing board equipped with an hydrofoil which allows the rider to literally fly 2 feet above the water surface and reach impressive speeds propelled only by wind energy.






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Born 2 June 1994

Professional kite surfer & kitefoiler

7 times World Champion

9 times French Champion


Sparring partner : Theo Sicallac



“I started kiteboarding between 2008 and 2009 with my dad. After 2 years of incessant hobby for the sport, it became a true passion. In 2010, my competitive spirit led me to challenge myself to the competitive world of kiteboarding, and just after 1 year of hard work, the results were starting to show.”



Max Ragan
o Miamikiteboarding Level 2 IKO instructor
o Style of riding: freestyle, surfboard, hydrofoil, inflatable and foil kites
o Ambassador for Ocean Rodeo Kiteboarding
Laszlo Karai
o Founder kitehydrofoilmiami
o SurgeonMd
Tanguy Largeau
o Expertfoiboarder
o SalesDirector
Christophe Ribot
o Miamikiteboarding Founder & owner
o Examiner IKO
Bruno Perez
o President Miami beach kiteboarding foundation
o Entrepreneur