This exciting and highly anticipated water sport challenge will feature the current foilboarding World Champion Maxime Nocher along with 7 local foilboarding leaders.


These competitors will cross the Gulf Stream from Bimini, Bahamas to Miami, Florida in December 2017 to set a new world record.


The wind, one of the greatest and pure natural resources, will be the only energy used to achieve this unique performance.



The distance between Bimini to Miami is about 45 Nautical miles on a straight line. Foil boarders can reach speed up to 25 knots or more upon wind and seas conditions. Thus the  crossing time is expected to be between 2 to 3 hours as an estimation. A foilboard  allows to skim above the water while generating  very little  drag compared to other sailing crafts. They typically reach speeds greater than the wind. Therefore an ideal wind condition for the crossing would  be around 15 knots.

The kitefoilers team will observe a 5 days weather window to choose the best conditions to achieve their challenge and set the fastest non-motorized crossing time ever made across the Gulf Stream. However the Bahamas detroit  is known to be a considerable challenge for any boater who made the journey before . The warm atlantic “Gulf Stream current” can rise dangerous waves of up to 15 feet when it rushes against northerly winds, making the crossing very dangerous to almost impossible for small boat under 50 feet.

This challenge will not only be against the clock but also in handling the extreme conditions of the Gulf Stream in order to arrive all together.

2 chase boats piloted with expert captains will be following the kitefoilers team for prompt support and safety purposes. Each of the kiter will be equipped with a GPS tracker and the most appropriate safety gear.


Why Miamikiteboarding decided to organize Extreme Crossing ?

Christophe Ribot

Founder & owner of Miamikiteboarding Inc Examiner IKO


“It’s in our culture and mentality : from the very beginning , Miamikiteboarding has always been promoting the sport to the community and the media through unique events : Key West/ Cuba Crossing in 2002 ( the guinness record for the longest distance then ) – Kite For Girls in 2004 ( first women-only kiteboarding event in the USA ) – Miami Kite Masters since 2006 – ( largest gathering in Florida )

We are a small group of Miami Foilboarders totally passionate with this new technology in kiteboarding and all fond of watersports and anything related to the Ocean. When we met with MaximeNocher , and he asked us to help him finding a boat to cross the Gulf Stream, we naturally loved the idea and envisionned an opportunity to promote our sport and the environment we cherish and share all .

This Extreme Crossing was born with the intention to use it a great fundraiser for our foundation which educate children about Ocean Conservation.

Crossing along with Max and Theo, 2 world class foil boarders, is a great honor and a stiff challenge, It gives an international dimension to this cause for which we hope many people will rally , not only within our kiteboarding community but also the local medias and authorities.

We recently just renewed our contract of kiteboarding operator in Crandon with Miami Dade Park department for the next 5 years , so this is event comes at a perfect timing to show our commitment to promote the sport not only for the community, but also with an educational and environmental purpose leading it.

We aim at raising enough funds to enroll 50 kids form 12 to 16 years in a 30-hr After-school program that would be run at various schools!

We are all really excited about it ! That’s going to be a huge and fun event and hopefully  the first of many more crossing-for-a-cause to come ? ”